Alcohol Drug Classes for Teens and Parents.

From the time that children hit middle school until the teenage years, the challenges are great and changing constantly. There are more significant threats that can affect their health and safety, like drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, and poor decision making.

As parents and guardians, we all hope that our children will live happy, healthy and productive lives. We hold the greatest influence and impact on their future and we want to protect them from any harm that comes their way. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and powerless. When do we let them try out their wings? When do we step in to try to protect them? There are no easy answers, but if we have resources to turn to for guidance, knowledge of what our children are facing and confidence in ourselves, we can face the issues and help our children through any crisis.

The Parent Alcohol Drug Education Class will give you information on alcohol and drugs, tips on when and how to talk to your children about alcohol and drugs, and most of all, encouragement that you can make a difference in your child’s life.

The Teen Alcohol Drug Education Class will give your teen the correct facts and information they need to make better choices.




is an online alcohol & drug education course for parents. Research studies clearly show that parent involvement contributes to a significant decrease in alcohol and drug-related consequences for their child.


Teenagers rarely consider the long-term damage they can do to themselves, their families and their communities. Just a few poor decisions can harm the rest of your life. Instead of continuing down the current path, consider the consequences.